The Impossible Quiz (TIQ) Puzzle Game

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The Impossible Quiz is one of the most popular online game of all time. All the puzzle games in The Impossible Quiz series are available here. You can play the quiz games online for free. Give your best shot to answer all the quiz and try not to get shot. Here’s the list of impossible quiz games and the quiz answers book.

The Impossible Quiz TIQ

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The Impossible Quiz 1 – Play Game

Impossible Quiz 1 Hooda is the first original version of the game. It consists of 110 quiz with varying difficulty levels. Test your knowledge and skills beat all questions asked in this game. These questions has been developed by game developer Splapp-me-do. These are tricky questions and you never find them in your text books or any other general knowledge book. Click Here To Play Game.

The Impossible Quiz 2 TIQ

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The Impossible Quiz 2 – Play Game

The impossible Quiz 2 is 2nd version of the quiz game this is bit though compare to Quiz 1. The graphics are enhanced to keep. If you have cleared first version then quiz 2 become easy for you. You already got an idea which types of quiz questions you could face on your computer screen. The quiz questions are bit difficult from the previous game. Click Here To Play Game.

The Impossible Quiz Book TIQ

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The Impossible Quiz Book is the 3rd and final official release from Splapp-Me-Do’s quiz series. It is the sequel to both The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2. The Quiz Book was released in three episodes called Chapters. Each impossible quiz book chapter consists differently-themed 50 questions. Chapter 1 features the typical Impossible Quiz theme, Chapter 2 is inspired by video games, and Chapter 3 is based around time-travelling.

The Impossible Quiz Answers 1-110 Unblocked

Well the most important thing before playing this game. We have shared quiz 1 answers. There are 110 questions in the first version of this flash game developed by Splapp me do. The reason behind sharing the answer key is that as I told you that majority of US citizen found this quiz questions difficult to answers. We believe that this game is worth playing and trying before you visit the impossible quiz answer page and read all answers. You should at least try yourself whether you can solve all the puzzles or not.

The Impossible Quiz 3 – The Impossible Quiz 4

The Impossible Quiz 3 TIQ The Impossible Quiz 4

How to Play The Impossible Game

Let us first be clear that It’s not an impossible game. Yeah, its true but you might dig for your brains through your ear. Main theme is a puzzle game with a touch of hidden objects and math problems. TIQ is usually presented as a game of questions and answers, though actually, it is not as simple as it looks like! Most of the time, you will be asked a question or a task to do. The player is given four clickable options in every quiz level, one of which is the correct one.

If you ask me, how do you play an impossible quiz? The answer is “carefully”.

Don’t let the puzzles break your confidence. Play this puzzle game with a persistent attitude. Be careful, many of the questions have double meanings, tricks and puns. The successful completion of game requires you to always “think outside the box”. The Player will face many surprises along the way, such as mini-games or mazes instead of quizzes. Your good skills and reflexes will prove to be important in this game but there are questions where you will have to rely on simple plain logic!